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From Herbert Hotz <>
Subject Re: C1.8 Compilation loops forever
Date Sun, 19 Nov 2000 02:31:50 GMT
Hi Robin,

Thank you for responding so fast!

Robin Green wrote:

> Please send your emails in plain-text, stupid Hotmail cannot handle quoting
> multipart HTML. Also some mail clients don't like HTML.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

Didn't know, but thats not a problem.

> ---------------------------------------
> NO, it is not possible. Ricardo, the "head XSP honcho", can't see a need to
> do this (after all it would be very inefficient, requiring two compiles, one
> of which would have to be run EVERY SINGLE REQUEST!!) But do not fear...
> ---------------------------------------

Do not agree completely. If the generated does not change, no compile
is necessary (IMHO). I mean, if only the passed in values change, similar to a
subroutine with parameters, right?

> Not so. Just use xspCurrentNode and the DOM API. Get the data you need as
> strings and pass it to the esql taglib. It requires a bit of work but not
> much. If you need a variable number of queries you could probably use a Java
> for loop.
> That's not Cocoon 2 compatible but at least it will work. For Cocoon 2
> compatibility, it would probably be safer to use xspParser directly instead
> of <util:include-expr> - and then you would also have the advantage that the
> raw XML wouldn't be copied to the output.
> Both of these variables are documented in the XSP docs. See also
> for the DOM API.

As it seems, I have to bite the bitch and look at the API's. Perhaps I need
to come back to ask for your expertise.

You recommend xspParser. If you have a link to the API docs at hand, I really
would appreciate it.

Thanks again and do not work too hard!
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