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From "Ochoa Marcelo F." <>
Subject Re: XSP Repository Build Automation
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 21:42:18 GMT
Dafang Zhang wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>> Ochoa Marcelo F. Wrote

<P>> > Dafang Zhang wrote:
<BR>> > > -----Original Message-----
<BR>> > > From:
<BR>> > > [<A HREF=""></A>]On
Behalf Of Ochoa
<BR>> Marcelo F.
<BR>> > > Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 1:14 PM
<BR>> > > To:
<BR>> > > Subject: Re: XSP Repository Build Automation
<BR>> > >
<BR>> > >
<BR>> > > Uli Mayring wrote:
<BR>> > >
<BR>> > > > On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Dafang Zhang wrote:
<BR>> > > >
<BR>> > > > > Question:&nbsp; How to automatically generate all those
<BR>> > > classes located in XSP
<BR>> > > > > repository without manually clicking on all those XSP
<BR>> > > pages one-by-one?
<BR>> > > >
<BR>> > > > Why so complicated? Use a tool like wget to access all
<BR>> > > pages once and
<BR>> > > > that's that.
<BR>> > >
<BR>> > >&nbsp;&nbsp; With this approach XSP pages with commit access
the database
<BR>> > > (insert/update/delete), will be produce a wrong behavior.
<BR>> >
<BR>> > Can you be more specific?
<BR>>&nbsp;&nbsp; Suppose that a XSP page which processes a quick vote
<BR>> CNN page and
<BR>> show the result of the polling.&nbsp; This page could be called by
<BR>> urls like
<BR>> these:
<BR>>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A HREF="http://server:port/qv/quickvote.xml?action=yes&pool=Apache">http://server:port/qv/quickvote.xml?action=yes&amp;pool=Apache</A>
<BR>>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A HREF="http://server:port/qv/quickvote.xml?action=no&pool=Apache">http://server:port/qv/quickvote.xml?action=no&amp;pool=Apache</A>
<BR>>&nbsp;&nbsp; From the main page, then the wget produce two false vote
for this
<BR>> pooling calling two times the xsp page.
<BR>>&nbsp;&nbsp; Best regards, Marcelo.
<BR>> PD: This xsp page has in the logic an sql insert on the table pooling
<BR>> with the values of the url parameters. Then selects the total count
<BR>> the votes and shows the result.

<P>I'm not quite follow you.&nbsp; The main purpose is to create the XSP
<BR>prior to customer visit for quicker response.&nbsp; The accuracy of
the data in
<BR>DB is not important here, i.e., after creation of the repository, we
<BR>always purge the DB before promoting the site.</BLOCKQUOTE>
&nbsp; Yes, I understand the idea. This is useful for a quick deployment
of the application.&nbsp; But &nbsp;I think that a best solution is divide
the process of an XSP page in two step:
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Compilation
<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; - Execute
<BR>&nbsp; Then modify the XSP compiler to accept this as global parameter
in the
<BR>&nbsp; In other case wget couldn't work, for example an XSP pages which
receives parameters by POST method. For example a input form with the registration
<BR>&nbsp; In this case wget never visit this page.

<P>Warm Regards,
&nbsp;&nbsp; Best regards, Marcelo.</HTML>

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