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From "Ochoa Marcelo F." <>
Subject Re: Netscape and document cache
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 21:51:37 GMT
Robin Green wrote:

> Erwin Burgstaller <> wrote:
> >Since I've installed the latest CVS-snapshot of Cocoon, I have to set the
> >'cache compare' parameter in Netscape to compare it's document in cache
> >with the document in network every time. Without that Netscape does not
> >recognize the document has changed.
> >
> >Just before it was at 'once per session' and it did work.
> >
> >Is this a bug or new policy?
> It's a new policy. The HTTP last modified time header is now set. Before, it
> was not set. This is to make Cocoon output work with XInclude caching.
> Quick fix is to turn off last modified time setting in
> (see the latest version of included in the CVS snapshot).
> Since this "once per session" seems to be the default for Netscape, this
> needs changing to avoid confusing people. I propose that all Producers
> (except ProducerFromFile) and XSP pages are by default assumed to produce
> non-cacheable output, unless the developer specifies otherwise by specifying
> a new isCacheable () method. This would solve the unnecessary caching
> problem within Cocoon as well.

  +1000 for isCacheable() method.  For DB Prism producer it will improve the
performance because DB Prism always return a page which is never cacheable.
  DB Prism uses the DB optimization for caching, and there aren't assumption to
determines is the result of the execution of a database stored procedure will
return the same page.
  DB Prism producer always return true in the method hasChanged.
   With isCacheable method cocoon will reduce the overhead of storing a new
page in the cache system which always is discarded in the next request.

> The downside is that people upgrading from previous versions will suddenly
> find that hasChanged() no longer works on its own, without isCacheable(),
> and there will be millions of misguided complaints saying "there is a bug in
> the cache"! I can put it in the release notes and the changes but no-one
> reads the docs!
> Comments?
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  Best regards, Marcelo.

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