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From Mathias Herberts <>
Subject Multiple Cocoon/XSP instances problem
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2000 21:06:44 GMT
Hi, I am running Cocoon 1.7.2 on Linux RedHat 6.1 with Blackdown JDK
1.2.2 and Tomcat 3.2 Beta 6.

I have a problem related to Cocoon/XSP.

I have two contexts in Tomcat, namely A and B, in both of theses
contexts I have a servlet called S which are invoked by the URLs
http://host/A/S and http://host/B/S.

These two servlets are very similar, and use CocoonServletRequest (as
distributed in samples/fromServlet from the 1.7.2 archive) to generate
PDFs from XML/XSL files. The XML templates are handled by the XSP
processor. The two servlets have different repositories for the XSP

When Tomcat is started, I can call either /A/S or /B/S, but if I call
/A/S then /B/S or /B/S then /A/S, it seems the XSP processor gets
confused and executes uses the wrong class. From what I could
investigate, it seems what confuses it is the name of the two servlets
"S" which are identical (though their classes are different). I solved
the problem by changing the URL pattern used to call the 'S' servlet in
context B, i.e. I changed it to BS, therefore now calling /A/S then
/B/BS leads to the correct result, same thing if I first call /B/BS then

Did anybody already noticed this behaviour ? Is it fixed in later
versions of Cocoon (I must admit I did not have time to test other
versions than 1.7.2) ? Am I doing something I shouldn't ?

Any feedback on similar experiences would be welcome.

Best regards,

Mathias Herberts.

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