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From "Sergei O . Naumov" <>
Subject Re: Help! connecting to a database
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2000 11:24:28 GMT

îÁ ðÔÎ, 03 îÏÑ 2000 13:32:40 Sylvain Wallez ÎÁÐÉÓÁÌ:
> Cocoon's builtin esql taglib will satisfy your need : connection
> pooling, SQL to XML transformation et al.

Ok. But there is something I do not quite catch. In
I configure Turbine to connect to a Db which it does on the start-up.
But I do not want to directly transform SQL to XML because I also need to
process the database output BEFORE it gets transformed into XML. So, I
wouldn't use SQL taglib but rather access a db from Java and put this 
code into an XSP library.

Can I do that? I read somewhere that connection pooling is only supported
for SQL taglibs.


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