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From "Kirk Woerner" <>
Subject RE: Request parameter defines an include?
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2000 18:30:47 GMT
>>I tried to take an XSP page, get the requested file name, and
>then send the
>>result on to XSL, where I tried to do the xinclude.  This resulted in the
>><!--Processed by XInclude--> comment but didn't actually do the
>>I noticed some discussion about this earlier this month (titled "Xinclude
>>problem.  failed processing? Help!"), but it doesn't seem that there is a
>>solution -- I saw a hint that something related to Xinclude may have been
>>fixed in CVS; is that true?
>Sorry, I thought it was but it isn't. It will be soon, or you can find the
>patch on the mail archive yourself.
Yes, this IS the problem I was having as well and posted the patch for.
Interestingly, if you have the patch, you can do this with a fully XSL
solution too (no XSP, see the FAQ on architecture issues.  You can use one
standard XSL sheet which takes parameters and uses XInclude to include
another file.)  Remember that the first stylesheet in the chain should
output PIs for xinclude as well as a formatter to text/xml.  In fact, I
chain everything.  That is, the first stylesheet gets not only what to
include, but also the stylesheet used to style it from the parameters and it
seems to work.

That being said, the only real prob I have is with the compiling of the
stylesheets.  Cocoon doesn't seem to want to recompile stylesheets when I
change them.  Is there a way to turn off the compilation cache altogether so
Cocoon just recompiles the xsl every time?

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