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From Panagiotis Konstantinidis <>
Subject RE: Images in XML
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:34:29 GMT
  I want to have an image tag in the xml file <html:img
source="something.gif"/> (lets say image.xml) and write a stylesheet to
convert this xml file into PDF (lets say image-pdf.xsl). I would like to
know if it is possible using Cocoon, everytime that the <html:img .../> tag
is found the image to be displayed into the Acrobat reader. Is this
possible? And if yes, how? Can somebody give me any examples or any web
sites I could find similar information? Has the SVG got anything to do with
that or not?
  Thank you very much.


   Panos Konstantinidis

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> From: Robin Green []
> Sent: 13 November 2000 17:37
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> Subject: Re: Images in XML
> Panagiotis Konstantinidis <> wrote:
> >   Well I do not know if this is the right mailing list, but 
> I would like 
> >to
> >know if it is possible to use GIF images from an XML file in 
> the same (or
> >similar way) that images are used from inside an HTML file.
> You have not understood the XML concept. XML, by itself, does 
> not mean 
> anything. You could have a tag <a b="c"> which means one thing to one 
> program and a completely different thing to another program, or is 
> meaningless.
> So the answer to your question depends on which program 
> you're using to 
> display the XML. It doesn't matter in terms of Cocoon because 
> Cocoon does 
> not do any displaying/rendering itself (except if you use 
> FOP); it only 
> matters in terms of the displaying/rendering program.
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