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From "Peter C. Verhage" <>
Subject Re: XInclude update
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2000 19:28:44 GMT

: I thought XInclude does cache properly - Donald?
: If you run XInclude before XSP, there is a bug/quirk because XSP is not
: designed to be used that way -try changing the order so XInclude comes
: after.

Ah, that might be the case, because that is exactly what I'm doing.
Unforunately I'm at home right now, and I can't try it out yet :), but I'll
try tomorrow. BTW, I also noticed that XInclude does sometimes very weird...
or maybe not... But I thought XInclude just makes it possible to insert XML
of an extern file in your document, but I also noticed if I don't use an XSL
sheet, it does not work. And you only get a message in your file <!--
processed by XInclude --> or something like that, but not content...

I noticed this behaviour before, and I got it right by adding the
xinclude:parse="xml" attribute. But now I did notice it again, and I used
this attribute, and this would not be necessary anymore because the code has
been updated to default to this behaviour as far as I know.


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