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From "Scott Jones" <>
Subject Re: Request parameter defines an include?
Date Sat, 18 Nov 2000 14:31:13 GMT
Hi Robin,

Thanks for the answer!

> Please be more specific. Why? What do these files contain?

My application fills out forms for people based on information that I pull
out of a database.  I've represented each of the forms as an XML file with
logicsheet functions that "fill in each of the blanks."  Then, I use FOP to
transform the whole thing into a PDF.  So, everything works great so far --
Coocoon + FOP is awesome.

Now, my boss wants me to be able to "package" several of the filled out
forms into a single PDF file, which is why I started thinking about

> Don't use separate xml files. Use Java "if" statements. Is there any
> why you can't do that?

I could think about sticking all of my "forms" into a single file, and then
using java "if" statements to figure out which pieces to include, EXCEPT for
the fact that my boss also wants to allow people to modify their own forms
in the future, so there won't always be one version of a single type of

> Or batch generate all possible xsp files beforehand, using Xalan. I.e.
> include each possible file, in turn, and output to a different file each
> time. That way, again, you'll only have one file per request (or two if
> clunk it with a redirect.)

This is a good idea; if somebody does modify one of their forms, then I
could generate a new XSP file for them and then use java "if" statements
inside to specify which sections get printed...  Thanks alot!


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