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From "Per Steffensen" <>
Subject Sv: NoClassDefFoundError using new Processor
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2000 10:58:41 GMT
Now I use Jakarta Tomcat but I still get ClassNotFound errors. It is like Tomcat does not use
CLASSPATH at all - the only way I can get things to work is to copy alle *.jar files to the
<jdk>\jre\lib\ext library. It is very stupid - please help me solving this problem.
I use Win98.

Thanx Per Steffensen

>Per Bering Steffensen <> wrote:
>>I want to make my own Processor - MyProcessor. I make a AbstractActor
>>subclass. I compile it (goes ok) and puts the path to the class-fil in
>>my CLASSPATH, sets the processor up in cocoon.properites.
>>Now when I invoke cocoon I get the error message:
>>java.lang.RuntimeException: Error creatig MyProcessor: make sure the
>>needed classes can be found in the classpath
>>The exception must come because AbstractActor cannot be found. But it is
>>on my classpath - else MyProcessor would not have compiled.
>Not necessarily. Some servlet engines ignore the CLASSPATH environment 
>variable. Maybe you have an older version of Cocoon in your servlet engine 

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