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From Dafang Zhang <>
Subject RE: XSP Repository Build Automation
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2000 21:32:25 GMT

> >Question:  How to automatically generate all those classes
> located in XSP
> >repository without manually clicking on all those XSP pages
> one-by-one?
> wget can be used to automatically follow all links. It can't
> post dynamic
> data though. :)

Thanks so much for the hint.

> >In this case, the problem is that all XSP pages must be
> compiled from the
> >exactly same location as in the WEB environment, for, all
> package names are
> >generated based on the XSP page's path.
> Why is that a problem?

If we compile XSP page in development environment, and try to deploy the
compiled code to production, then might cause problem due to different path
setting.  But as you suggested, if engaging wget directly with production
install, then no problem at all.

> Crawling will be implemented in Cocoon 2 when released, so
> that you can
> generate most/all of a site in advance.

I wish it's December already.. :)

Once again, thanks for your prompt reply.


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