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From Morten <>
Subject Re: Cocoon sample ApacheCON 2000 Slides is broken for me
Date Sat, 21 Oct 2000 09:19:17 GMT
I guess that if you rename 'slides.xml' to 'index.xml' it will work (if you have defined index.xml
as a directory index in your server conf)

- morten

>We have Cocoon 1.8 working beautifully with
>Red Hat Linux 6.2, Blackdown j2sdk-1.2.2,
>Apache-1.3.12, Apache JServ-1.1.2
>Each of the examples in the samples directory
>works properly, except for one. The problem is
>the Stefano ApacheCON 2000 slides.
>The front slide is rendered OK (Netscape 4.72).
>However, when you select the next-slide button
>you are dumped into a directory listing instead
>of the slide. View source of the front slide
>(slides.xml) shows that the anchor has a local
>HREF="?section=1" which ends up as the URL
> /cocoon/samples/slides/?section=1
>This results in the directory listing.
>Now if I manually alter the URL to be
> /cocoon/samples/slides/slides.xml?section=1
>then I get the next slide presented OK.
>Note that normal local HREFs do work to
>jump within an index.html page
> http://localhost/#jump
>Has anyone else had this trouble with that
>Cocoon example demo?
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