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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: MVC, Struts and Cocoon (was: We need a forms taglib)
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 08:41:35 GMT
At 23:08 +0100 29/10/00, Giacomo Pati wrote:
>Uli Mayring wrote:
>> On Sun, 29 Oct 2000, Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> > I had some excellent discussions with Stefano, Giaccomo, Richardo and
>> > Nicola at the Hackathon, about Cocoon 2 and the whole process of supplying
>> > a generic Form Handling mechanism, and while I suspect it is a way off (we
>> > need XSchema) I am beginning to suspect that the solution will involve
>> > than just TagLibs, it will likely also involve SiteMap Actions, the recent
>> > addition to Cocoon 2 specifically designed for this type of
>> > "web-application" functionality.
>> >
>> > Nicola and I appear to have agreed to push this forward :)
>> Hm ok, so it doesn't make much sense to publish what I have, it will be
>> superseded in the future.

Umm, please don't throw it away !

>> Basically I have stuff to handle user input via
>> HTML forms and processing of the input via request parameters. Then I have
>> definition files, which act a bit like schemas. My idea was that
>> developers would create definition files (and edit them via fp) and the
>> rest (forms and processing) would automatically be set up by the taglib.
>> The whole thing could be called a content management system, it would
>> allow everything to be edited via fp.

Sounds very interesting.

Can we see it working? This kind of thing with XSchema is a way off IMHO.

You can see the glacial pace I am working at the moment ..... this is going
to take some time ..... and I understand Nicola is pretty busy too ....

>The Actions in C2 are separated logic away from the XSP page into a class of
>itself. I think it is not necessarily superseded only refactored and
>I visioned having Actions like FormValidationAction which have your
>file" loaded as the "src" attribute. Such an Action can return substitution
>strings to the sitemap engine used to determine the resource a generator
>produce. A abreviated sitemap snippet could look like:
>   <map:match pattern="myuri">
>     <map:act type="form-validation-action" src="definition-file">
>       <map:generate src="{next-resource}"/>
>     </map:act>
>   </map:match>


And, Umm, sorry for mis-spelling your name Giacomo :)

regards Jeremy

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