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From Chris Meyer <>
Subject RE: ESQL in stylesheet question
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 14:57:51 GMT
>  > >>  My actual code does 'sql:' transformations (which work fine) in the
>>  >>  same file as 'esql:' transformations (which fail) -- so I know my
>>  >>  logicsheet is registered properly. It does look like a namespace
>>  >>  problem however since I get the same results for both if I comment
>>  >>  out the 'sql:' namespace declaration in my .xml file.
>>  >>
>>  >>  (if you can decipher the paragraph above) The more important
>>  >>  question: why does the 'sql' version work like I expect and the
>>  >>  'esql' version doesn't?
>>  >
>>  >given your error, it's almost certain to be in the namespace declaration
>>  >or logicsheet invokation - the esql logicsheet isn't causing an error (to
>>  >my knowledge, anyway), it's just failing to be invoked.
>>  OK, don't know if anyone's awake this late, but:
>>  I moved esql.xsl to my local directory, changed the
>>  to point to that, and tried again. Still failed.
>Dumb question: when you changed, did you change the access
>method to 'file:' from 'resource:'?

Yes, of course. But its always worth checking the easy stuff first...

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