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From Chris Meyer <>
Subject Re: extending ProducerFromFile functionality
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 16:17:12 GMT
>Chris Meyer wrote:
>>  For instance, let's say I'm trying to protect a document by requiring
>>  the user to log in first.
>The auth taglib does this. Download it under

This may work for authentication, but I'm concerned about the more 
general case of simply 'needing more information from the user to 

For example, I may have just added a product to a shopping cart and 
want to display the shopping cart, but the shopping cart may 
determine that more information is needed to add a particular item, 
so it would redirect the user to a page requesting more information...

>  > The user may request something like 
>>  I can check to see whether they've logged in and then 'redirect' them
>>  to a login page if they haven't. But this isn't a wholly satisfying
>>  solution for many reasons.
>Please list a few. I've successfully used the auth taglib for exactly
>this application and it works very well in my case. If you have any
>suggestions on how to improve it, I'd be grateful to hear them.

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