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From Chris Meyer <>
Subject Re: ESQL in stylesheet question
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 05:30:45 GMT
>On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Chris Meyer wrote:
>>  >you need to declare the esql namespace in your xml file. yes, it's stupid,
>>  >but it's necessary in c1. alternately, you could put a xml-logicsheet PI
>>  >in your xml file.
>>  ok, i added 'xmlns:esql=""' before the
>>  'xsp' line in the xsp:page section of the .xml file... still the same
>>  result. any more ideas?
>yeah - are both the esql and your logicsheet's namespace prefixes
>registered in sure they work? you can test by calling
>the logicsheets explicitly via
>if all else fails, send a mail with your source xml file, your logicsheet,
>the results, and the generated java source code attached and i reckon we
>can figure it out.

I'm 99% sure I have all the namespace declarations correct, but I'll 
check again.

My example was a little simplified from my actual code (however, I've 
tried the version from the example with no success either).

My actual code does 'sql:' transformations (which work fine) in the 
same file as 'esql:' transformations (which fail) -- so I know my 
logicsheet is registered properly. It does look like a namespace 
problem however since I get the same results for both if I comment 
out the 'sql:' namespace declaration in my .xml file.

(if you can decipher the paragraph above) The more important 
question: why does the 'sql' version work like I expect and the 
'esql' version doesn't?

Still working on it...

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