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From Davor Cengija <>
Subject How to install Cocoon with Resin 1.1.x
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 12:00:32 GMT
	Here's the brief explanation on how to install Cocoon (1.7.x
	and 1.8) with Resin 1.1.x and Apache 1.3.12 on Linux. Since
	this explanation will deal with resin.conf file only, it
	shouldn't be too hard to have Cocoon running with Resin on
	other platforms/servers or even on Resin's simple web server,

	I tried this with RedHat 6.1 on Sparc, Mandrake 6.1 and
	Mandrake 7.1 on Intels.

Explanation start
[0] - Install Resin in the way you like; I'm running it as an Apache
module (mod_caucho). Set the <app-dir>, <httpd-port>, <srun> and other
parameters in resin.conf. Make sure the servlet engine is working
[1] - Open resin.conf file. In the <web-app id='/'></web-app> (or any
other id you find appropriate) add this (Cocoon 1.8, v1.7.x does not
have turbine-pool.jar):
--- start ---
       <classpath id="/opt/web/cocoon/cocoon.jar" compile="false"/>
       <classpath id="/opt/web/cocoon/xalan.jar" compile="false"/>
       <classpath id="/opt/web/cocoon/xerces.jar" compile="false"/>
       <classpath id="/opt/web/cocoon/fop.jar" compile="false"/>
       <classpath id="/opt/web/cocoon/turbine-pool.jar" compile="false"/>
       <classpath id="/opt/java/jdk/lib/tools.jar" compile="false"/>
       <servlet-mapping url-pattern='*.xml'
       <servlet-mapping url-pattern='*.fo'
--- end ---
This will bind .xml and .fo files on Cocoon. Of course, change the
classpaths to suit your installation.
[2] - Edit file and put it in your <app-dir>
directory, as specified in resin.conf (I have
[3] - Edit and set processor.xsp.repository to point
to the right directory, use absolute path:
processor.xsp.repository = /opt/web/cocoon/repository
[4] - Restart your server. 
Put samples shipped with Cocoon under your server's directory
structure and open index.xml. You might also want to bind
index.xml to be default file for directories.
Explanation end

	If you (webmaster?) find this explanation valuable, please
	correct the grammar and put it on the web.

Davor Cengija
"Nicht mit Alkohol mischen"

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