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Subject Re: Problem with esql-taglib
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:03:57 GMT

> hmm. what if you use
> <xsp:expr>session.getValue("msisdn").toString()</xsp:expr>
> instead of
> <session:get-attribute name="msisdn"/>
> (or whatever it is)?
> - donald

It doesn't make any difference it still generates the no-results
caluse. The query looks like this with the change:

<esql:query>select customerid from msisdn2contract where

If I make a change in calling the page and pass the parameter as a request
parameter http://file?msisdn=628882101 and fetch it through the request
object it works.

<esql:query>select customerid from msisdn2contract where

This way I can get around the problem but I would prefer to find a
solution to this problem. 


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