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From I-Chung Young <>
Subject How to do this or it is the wrong way to go
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 03:43:54 GMT

	I am struggle with how to integrate Cocoon with's
Digest content type (multipart/mixed). The (raw) output (http 
response) should be something like:

----------- start here ----------
Content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary="abcd"

Content-type: application/x-up-cacheop


Content-type: text/vnd.wap.wml


----------- end here ----------

	One fundamental question, should I even bother to
solve this problem using cocoon? I know I can use servlet
to include result of wml (which is the result of XSP page).
However, the link in xsp page is not generic for all (HTML/WML)

	I cannot setup digest as a new formatter. I got
error on output text before element with XML formatter. Or
all wml tag is striped off with text formatter.

	I even consider using/modifying DB Prism's HeaderProcessor
and use it in XML. But this should only apply to WML pages.

	Where does this kind of device dependent control belong to
content or presentation or management (as in Cocoon2)? Or shouldn't
be mixed with publishing framework.

	Any suggestion?

I-Chung Young

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