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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Strange error
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 11:42:20 GMT
marco <> wrote:
>I have discovered a strange mistake. I use FP to take of the text from a
>static Xml file, so I modify it, and want to rewrite it to the end. To
>use Fp I include in my Xsl file:
><xsl:template match="Oroscopo">
><xsp:page xmlns:fp=""
>  xmlns:request=""
>  xmlns:util=""
>  xmlns:xsp=""
>  language="java"
>  >
><fp:resource id="oroscopo-item">
>Since I must modify the taken text I must put it in a string:
><xsl:when test="$sceltau='generale'">
>String Body = (String) <fp:read select="./Generale/Descrizione"
>from="oroscopo-item" as="node"/>;

That should be as="string" not as="node"

>  Therefore I print it in a knot of the Xml file which I am building (to
>which then apply another Xsl):
>The problem is that when I apply the second Sheet style to print the
>content in a Wml page, in the knot "CORPO" there is nothing. Shall I do
>any mistake in FP? Does someone which can help me exist?

It looks like you are trying to reference the node


Maybe your node-path is incorrect. Can I see your prova25.xml file?

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