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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: XML and SQL
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 16:43:12 GMT
Martin Bouman <> wrote:
>Hopefully I have sent this mail to the correct mailinglist.

Yes, it's fine.

>At this moment we are using Cocoon 1.8 and my company would like me to 
>a MS Access database from within an XML-file (which will be transformed to
>HTML, WML or VXML by means of XSL).

The trouble is MS Access and/or its JDBC driver(s) are [reportedly] highly 
buggy and you risk corrupting the database if you access it simultaneously 
from multiple HTTP requests. I would suggest you export your data to a 
better DBMS. Of course this may not be feasible in your case.

>I searched the Cocoonsite and found two topcics: SQL XSP TagLib and SQL
>Connection Pool.
>Can I use these to achieve the above?

The connection pool is for efficiency in your own SQL code, but the XSP 
taglib already includes connection pooling (IIRC). So just use the SQL 
taglib, it's easy.

>Where exactly can I download the jdbc-odbc driver for MS Access for SQL XSP
>/ SQL Conn. Pool? I have found
> at Sun, but I do not 
>wich one (from which company) to download and if I must use one of these.

Can't help you there. Ask Microsoft.

>Do I have to use SQL Connection Pool or is SQL XSP enough? SQL Conn. Pool
>seems a little bit difficult with all that Java in it.

See above.

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