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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject [C1] contrib directory
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:42:55 GMT
Sorry to rehash this, but yet another user-supplied logicsheet for Cocoon 1 
has been announced on cocoon-users (hooray!) - there are now quite a number 
of such external logicsheets not included in the distro. I can't remember 
what was decided, if anything about these, because Donald's logicsheet was 
in contrib, but it was moved to the "core".

Options: (No offense to any logicsheet writers intended!!)

(1) - Put everything in the core distribution. But I don't want to have to 
test it all, and it would be bad to include any old junk without testing it 

(2) - Put them in a contrib directory in CVS but make it clear they _may_ be 
flaky; move them into the main distro if and when they are reasonably 

(3) - Links only in the documentation (this would have to be done anyway in 
cases where contributors weren't willing to "sign" copyright away to the ASF 
and release it under the cocoon license, I think). Again make it clear that 
"these are not maintained by the Cocoon project and we offer no guarantees" 
etc. I'm happy to do this right away if (1) or (2) are not agreed upon.

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