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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Installing cocoon in another way
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 18:38:20 GMT
Andy Bosch <> wrote:
>I work with cocoon for a few month now. I have done the
>installation according to the documentation.
>But there is another way how you can use cocoon without
>installing it like described in the documents:
>CocoonServletRequest myReq =
>             new CocoonServletRequest(  myXmlString, request );
>cocoonEngine.handle(myReq, response);
>(Here you only need the jar-files in the classpath, nothing else!)

Uh, no, not quite. The complicated classpath issues with Tomcat etc. are 
still there. And the procedures for setting the classpath for a servlet 
engine vary. You would only get rid of some of the installation hassles.

Unfortunately I think CocoonServletRequest depends upon ProducerFromRequest, 
which was removed from Cocoon 1.8 for security reasons (see the security 
advisory in the mail archive written by me, for more details).

Technically that sample should not be included any more, since it doesn't 

Thoughts, anyone? Should I remove it for the 1.8.1 release?

>So you generate your html-output in the servlet and therefor
>you do not have to output xml.

I don't get this sentence. Cocoon can output anything, not just XML. So can 
any servlet.

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