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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject RE: cache problem (i think)
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2000 17:29:08 GMT
Ian Atkin <> wrote:
>everything works fine with cocoon's cache manager set to the NoCache class.
>- thus caching was done by cocoon, not the user agent
>i'm still a little confused though:-
>- my request URL is the same, but the requested file doesn't actually exist
>- my producer ignores the request URL, unlike ProduceFromFile, getting it's
>required data from request parameters
>so why does cocoon return cached transform output if the reqest is made to
>the same URL?

I think because your

public boolean hasChanged (Object context) {}

method in your producer is returning false when it should be returning true.

>again I apologise for my earlier confusion and any wasted time it caused...

no problem. It's a refreshing change to get interesting problems once in a 
while! :-)

Also this could be your cause, I'm not sure.

> > here's the getDocument method:-
> >         //what's all this about then?
> >, new File(xmlPath));

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