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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Speed problem
Date Mon, 23 Oct 2000 11:54:55 GMT
Is your cache turned on or off? What happens to speed if you turn it on/off? 
Can you give any more details, e.g. the actual XML you are using (minus 
passwords etc. of course).

Gergely Imre <> wrote:
> > Can you turn on the profiler in, request the page a 
> > times, and then look at samples/profiler/profiler.xml - This will show
> > stage(s) are taking the most time, which is a start.
>I turned on the profiler, and i got the following results for my page:
>The whole-request is between 16100 and 19500.
>Only one stage is taking the most time:
>this is between 15900 and 17800.
>I reloaded the page four times, and I got the above results.
> > Also what is the order of your processing instructions?
><?cocoon-process type="xinclude"?>
><?cocoon-process type="xsp"?>
><?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>
><xsp:page language="java"
>           xmlns:request=""
>           xmlns:esql=""
>           xmlns:xsp="">
> > Are you fetching from any external URLs? Is there anything different 
> > this particular page, or are any/many of your pages also slow? Does it
> > to get faster after several reloads?
>All pages are almost the same, only with different query-s.
>And it does not get faster after a few reloads.
> > What is your machine spec? CPU speed? Memory? Operating system? JDK? 
> > JDBC driver are you using? Do you notice a lot of disk activity?
>Intel Pentium III (Coppermine) 566MHz
>128MB PC133 RAM
>Linux Redhat 7.0 with kernel 2.2.16-22
>Apache 1.3.12-25
>Apache JServ 1.1.2-1
>Java (TM) 2 Standard Edition Version 1.3.0 for Linux
>Cocoon 1.8
>mm.mysql 2.0.1 jdbc driver
>Netscape 4.75
>KDE 1.1.2
>And yes, there is at least 30 secs of permanent disk activity, but only
>on the first reload of the page after changes.
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