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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Returning user friendly message for Cocoon exceptions
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 11:54:57 GMT
Donald Ball <> wrote:
>On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Doody, John wrote:
> > I'm getting the following processor exception:
> >
> > org.apache.cocoon.processor.ProcessorException: Could not associate
> > stylesheet to document: error reading /<stylesheet>.xsl ...etc.
> >
> > I know the stylesheet is missing, thus the error.  However, I would like 
> > way to return a more user friendly message for any Cocoon exception that 
> > be thrown.  Does Cocoon have some facility for this functionality?  I 
> > be able to control when our presentation designers or SAs manipulate 
>sure. turn off the handle errors internally directive in
>and do something fun with the internal server error using apache's
>ErrorDocument directives.

The trouble with that is, Apache has no knowledge of which stylesheet is 
missing, or what the error was in detail, which might be still useful to 
know (in a more user-friendly form).

John, you might want to look at hacking org.apache.cocoon.Frontend or some 
such class. If you get it to work feel free to post a patch.

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