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From MAHE Vincent FTRD/DIH/REN <>
Subject RE: Configure Cocoon with JRun 3.0
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 13:59:45 GMT
I have a config which runs with JRun 3.0 and XSP was hard to install but now
it works.

Make sure you stop the admin server and the default server.

First you must delete jaxp.jar, parser.jar and xt.jar from the JRun\lib\ext
Then you copy the xerces.jar which is in the Cocoon package to the
JRun\lib\ext directory.

After that, you copy the tools.jar of the jdk 1.2.2 to the JRun\lib\ext

Restart the admin server.

Finally, you look at the JVM and go to the "JRun Default Server->Java
If the CLASSPATH is set to {jrun.rootdir}/servers/lib, it means you have to
place all the jars you need in compiled XSP pages in the JRun/servers/lib
directory (i.e. at least, the Cocoon.jar, xerces.jar and xalan.jar as well
as all the stuff you use in your XSP page).

Restart the default server and try the XSP sample page.xml.

It works on my system.
If you have any problem, have a look to the JRun/logs directory and to the
Cocoon's FAQ related to XSP.



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