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From Markus Spiekermann <>
Subject Re: Cocoon & FOP
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2000 21:27:36 GMT

sorry for the late reply. As Uli allready stated you don´t need the
svg-viewer to see an svg in an pdf -file...
What are you seeing instead of the svg in the sample?

Don't get fooled by the sample itself like me. (I´m using fop 0.13) It
looks like a "space-saver" for a grafic.
Therefore I thougt my svg sample was broken, too.
In the test-2fo.xml  you should see a CUBE with a CROSS (45° Angle)  and
the text "Hello SVG!".

Try this
What do you see if you change the text to eg.  "Hello Rob!" or something
For example change in the 3rd line of the svg source x1="20pt" to "200".
Now you should see a cube with to parallel lines point to the right.
SAVE xml FILE with other NAME or your CACHE may fool you...

Hope I could help.

Rob van der Zeijden wrote:

> Hi again,
> > Do you have an SVG-Viewer installed?
> ??  Thanks for your reply Markus. I don't understand. I try to
> run one of the xml svg samples that comes
> with fop_0_14_0. Do I need a SVG Viewer for that?
> > To produce a SVG you could use Mayura (500 kb) or get the
> Export-Fuctionality
> > for COREL Draw 9 (Beta) at Corel´s Website
> I already fond the Mayura tool. This tool seems to work.
> Rob
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