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From Marc Gibert <>
Subject FOP Image at the end of a page
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 15:53:27 GMT
Hello everybody,

        I've been trying to display images with FOP 0.13 and the
inline-graphic tag,
and it all works well except when the image is at the end of the page. 
        When the image does not fit the remaining space I have in the
page (is bigger
than that), instead of generating a new page for the entire image, FOP
the piece of the image that is possible to display until the end of the
and does not display the other one.

        Does anybody know how to solve this problem, given the fact that
I'm not able
to know when the image is going to be in the start, middle or end of the

        Thank you in advance for your help.
Marc Gibert Ginestà               e-mail:
Cometa Technologies, S.L.         URL:
Telf.: 93 231 84 90               Fax: 93 245 93 43
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