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From Mala Ramakrishnan <>
Subject Newbie: Converting XML to HTML
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 18:30:36 GMT

I am very new to this, please ignore if you don't like reading very
basic questions, let alone answer them!!

I just got cocoon working based on the install instructions off the
apache website. I figured that the way to use it would be to store an
xml/xsl combination in jakarta-tomcat's webapps directory and access it
on my browser as that's what the installation instructions ask me to do
to check that it works.

Now for my question: I have a servlet that spits out xml by reading data
from a database. I need to build an html frontend for this xml. Do I
need to save this xml in my webapps directory along with the equivalent
xsl every time? Seems like a very inefficient way and that I must be
missing out on something big here.

Any pointers will be appreciated. 


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