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From Patricio Barletta <>
Subject Re: OT. Just curios. Who is who on the list
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 15:15:28 GMT
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<br>I'm from Argentina, too.
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<p><font size=-1>I'm from Argentina.</font>
<p><font size=-1>Regards, Alejandro Raiczyk</font>
<p><font size=-1>-----Mensaje original-----</font>
<br><font size=-1>De: Michael Bierenfeld [<a href=""></a>]</font>
<br><font size=-1>Enviado el: Jueves 5 de Octubre de 2000 8:53 AM</font>
<br><font size=-1>Para: Cocoon User Mailing List</font>
<br><font size=-1>Asunto: OT. Just curios. Who is who on the list</font>
<p><font size=-1>Hello,</font>
<p><font size=-1>does anybody know where the people using cocoon</font>
<br><font size=-1>are coming from. US, Europe or elsewhere. Maybe a</font>
<br><font size=-1>short reply in the form:</font>
<p><font size=-1>RE: EU,D ; OT. Just curios. Who is who on the list</font>
<p><font size=-1>or something like that. Forgive me I am really</font>
<br><font size=-1>curious.</font>
<p><font size=-1>Regards</font>
<p><font size=-1>Michael Bierenfeld</font>
<p><font size=-1>---------------------------------------------------------------------</font>
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<br>Patricio Barletta
<br>Desarrollo de Proyectos
<br>Technisys Inform&aacute;tica S.R.L.
<br>Tel./Fax: +54(11)4322-7100 Int: 146

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