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From "Bruce G. Robertson" <>
Subject cocoon2 webapps
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 15:57:20 GMT

I've now got Cocoon 2 running, which is fantastic because I need to 
write some transformers/processors, and I didn't want to do it against 
the soon-to-be-old API. For the record, I found that I needed to compile 
tomcat 4 from CVS, but use the most recent package of Cocoon2, and not 
the CVS, due to the '/' null-pointer issue. (Though elsewhere on this 
list a patch has been posted.)

I have some general questions about the organization of a webapp 
under tomcat4 and cocoon2. How would people recommend that multiple 
cocoon2 webapps be organized under tomcat4? Should each cocoon webapp 
include the WEB-INF/lib/*.jars that are needed for such things? And 
within each cocoon2 webapp, is it recommended that we follow the style 
of the *.war given, with docs, resources, etc. separated out? What do 
recommendations do people have for the new art of Cocoon2 site 


Bruce Robertson, Dept. of Classics, Mount Allison University 

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