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Subject cocoon sample "fp"
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 07:43:08 GMT
hi all.. i have some questions on working with the "fp" sample of cocoon

1st : how can i get rid of the <body> tag ? i mean i would like just to
have 	      the text in there without the tags (when i type sth in now its
shown         as "<body>sample text</body>"... what i want is just "sample

2nd: how can i create checkboxes and a "browse field" in this example ?
     i mean i can add those 2 things but they dont work...
     what i did so far is :
<input name="attachment" type="file">
<xsp:attribute name="label"><fp:read select="attachment/label"
<fp:write select="attachment" to="external-person" as="node">
<request:get-parameter name="attachment"/>
<fp:read select="attachment" from="external-person" as="node"/>
and same with checkboxes...
then i added entrys to default.xml (with label and value)

but it doesnt work (i can check the boxes and i can choose a file.. and
the filename and path is prompted but it doesnt save !
i feell i have to add sth into form-html.xsl like <xsl:template
match="input[@type='file']"> but how ? and what ?

please can somebody help me out ??


p.s. oh and does someone know good example pages for cocoon stuffs ?
and/or perhaps a good book that deals with cocoon ?

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