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From "Marcelo F. Ochoa" <>
Subject RE: http header problem between cocoon and other servlet
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2000 19:11:24 GMT

I use Cocoon for most of the logic in my system, and it's been working fine
until a weird problem popped up today.  I have another servlet that takes
care of streaming files to the requesting browser.  In both Cocoon and in my
servlet (which sits in the WEB-INF/classes directly under my cocoon stuff) I
grab the HTTP_COOKIE header (req.getHeader("HTTP_COOKIE").

The strange thing is, now I'm getting different values for HTTP_COOKIE!  My
cocoon stuff and my servlet are running on the same server, and they're used
in the same session, almost simultaneously, yet there are different values.
More specifically, the HTTP_COOKIE value I get in Cocoon seems to be
correct, while the one I get in my servlet is either null or it's a value
from a "previous" session.  Anyone have any ideas?
This value is sent by the browser in the request header, normally the servlet engine translate
the value as is into the HTTP_COOKIE cgi variable.
But certain browsers don´t sent the cookie string if the url where the cookie was set does´t
match with the actual calls:
  http://server:80/xx/yy.xml    (set the cookie value)
  http://server/xx/zz.xml   (don´t receive the cookie, this url is equivalent to the other,

Best regards, Marcelo.

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