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From "Rob van der Zeijden" <>
Subject Re: Please stop posting unrelated questions
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 09:07:18 GMT

> Maybe it would be nice if a seperate mailinglist would be created for
> this kind of stuff. Because everyone who is using cocoon is interested
> in XML/XSL, and it would be nice if you could ask questions to eachother
> about it, because there ain't so much people who use it at the moment
> :). And it will take it from this mailinglist to another one, and this
> mailinglist can be all about cocoon errors etc. etc.
Peter is right. A well-functioning XML/XSL mailinglist would be desirable.
People in this group are always saying: "ask that kind of a question at the
mulberrytech list(XSL List)." However this list is so ******* slow. I posted
a message this morning at 8:30. It is now 11:02 and the message is
not in the list. With a little luck this message will be in the list today
And this is not some strange case. I tried to post messages the last two
and every message had such a delay.

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