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From "beichuang" <>
Subject Re: ESQL & Attributes (Corrected bug report)
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 16:22:23 GMT
Sorry for a little wrong message last email. so just correct it and send again now.

Hello, Kevin and Frederic:

Thank you all for your help, I made it work now, but I find another little
bug, that the value can only be used once. for example:

                 <xsp:attribute name="First_Name">
                  <esql:get-string column="First_Name_As_Attribute"/>
                 <esql:get-string column="First_Name"/>


                <!-- Try to use the field First_Name again, then it will halt, even make
tomcat crash-->
                <esql:get-string column="First_Name"/>

Here above, the column of database "First_Name" are to be used three times, then only the
first time will be successfully handled and it stops it, even crash the next time u access

So it means if you want a field used as a attribute and at the same time a
node or refer it again, it will fail, I think the way is to save it to a
value the first time visit it, and later just refer to the variable, Am I
right? However, I am not sure how to code as I said above. can you implement
it with xsp codes?

Thanks again.

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