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From Viktors Rotanovs <>
Subject Re: Time
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 08:21:37 GMT

JIT is Just-In-Time compiler, java library, that compiles some parts
of Java bytecode to architecture-dependent code to make program
execution faster.

For JDK1.2.2, I'd recommend Borland's JIT (see links at the bottom
of JDK download page at, JDK1.3 includes
builtin HotSpot machine, that acts like JIT in terms of performance
(Sun tells that it's even faster than JIT).

You may also need much RAM to get good performance. 128Mb is
recommended minimum. If Java VM starts to swap, things may become
10 times slower.

Also, try to run servlet engine and Cocoon on the machine that is not
your workstation. The reason: when you request some page, your
GUI allocates a lot of resources, and Java does the same thing at
the same time. Performance degrades.

On Sat, 30 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> > Only 5 seconds ;)  That is horrific performance.  Are you using a
> > JIT?  And do you have enough resources on your machine?
> What is JIT?
> And yes, there are enough resources.

Best Wishes,
Viktors Rotanovs
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