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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: XSP debugging
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2000 08:36:33 GMT
At 15:28 -0700 06/09/00, Michael Nachbaur wrote:
>I find debugging XSP code to be a real pain.  Something somewhere on the
>serverside is caching my code only when I use XSP somewhere...the problem
>is that when I make a change, it doesn't reflect that in my output.  I
>could completely rip out a huge chunk of XSP code, and nothing on the
>output is affected.  What gives?  Restarting Tomcat doesn't help, and I'm
>beginning to wonder where this is getting put.
>I'm running Linux/Apache/Tomcat/IBM JDK and I'm doing XML -> XSP -> XSL
>(XML points to a stylesheet with XSP in it, which points to an XSL page
>which formats everything).

Either delete the class and java files created by XSP in your repository,
or "touch" your XML file, when you suspect the logicsheet is not reloading
(as occasionally happens).

Hope this helps

regards Jeremy

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