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From Jesse Reynolds <>
Subject RE: VCalendar
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 10:33:54 GMT
Not sure if it helps, but the iCalendar standard may prove useful:

iplanet calendar server, among others, uses it, plus the rfc is 
authored by some folx from lotus and microsoft... iCalendar is a 
descendent of vCalendar:

  "This memo is based on the earlier work of the vCalendar specification
    for the exchange of personal calendaring and scheduling information.
    In order to avoid confusion with this referenced work, this memo is
    to be known as the iCalendar specification."

Unfortunately it seem there is no DTD for calendar events yet, though 
it would make sense to convert the iCal spec...



At 10:24 +0000 18/9/00, Morrison  John wrote:
>Hi!  I think that this shows promise.  I think that what we 
>(assuming you want to help!) should do is define a DTD for calendar 
>information (base it on the vCalendar/vCard specifications) then 
>write an XSL to transform it into a vCalendar/vCard clear-text 
>layout.  And (finally) define a text/vCalendar output format.
>What do you think?  Worth doing?  Have you any experience with this 
>calendar stuff?  Has somebody already defined an XML DTD for 
>calendar events?
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>>  From: "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
>>  Sent: 17 September 2000 7:20
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>>  Subject: VCalendar
>>  If anyone wants to upgrade the calendar in Cocoon with vCalendar
>>  and vCard, here are the links:
>>  If you want to make practice, this can be a good way IMHO :-)
>>  nicola_ken
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