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From "T.Pospisek's MailLists" <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon Users] Basic question on including other pages
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 09:33:11 GMT
I just got it working with:

<xsl:whatever select="document('http://localhost/')"/>

"whatever" can be "value-of" or "variable" or "apply-templates" etc.

alternatively you can also use "<xinclude:..." or use "<xsp:...". I have
not tried that out yet, since the example above matches exactly what I
need, but you should find examples of how to accomplish it by searching
this mailing list. Please make sure you are using the newest version of
cocoon - I have been sweating blood to make it work under cocoon1.5 that
comes with debian only to find that it's aparently a limitation of that

If you find some nice little example of how to accomplish your task with
xinclude or xsp:... then please contact me. This seems to be a FAQ and we
might as well contribute it to the FAQ.


PS: Who is maintainig the web-pages of cocoon? The references to the
    mailarchives are quite a mess that would be very nice to clean up to
    a consistent state -  it would make life for newbies a lot easier...

             Tomas Pospisek
	     SourcePole   -  Linux & Open Source Solutions
	     Elestastrasse 18, 7310 Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
	     Tel: +41 (81) 330 77 11

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