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From Marcus Crafter <>
Subject [C2] CocoonServlet change (was [C2] Startup Problem)
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 17:18:00 GMT
Hi All,

	Ok, unfortunately after playing with the jar files and CLASSPATH
	setting the problem from my previous mail was still apparent.

	So, after spending an hour wondering through the C2 source, I found the
	cause of the problem and fixed it - here goes:

	From what I understand, the call to (in is built up dynamically with stored values (which includes
	the classpath) by the method fillArguments (
	The classpath used to be obtained via a call to System.getProperty()
	(in, with the parameters "java.class.path". This
	was changed recently to an attribute lookup specific to Tomcat (in, namely org.apache.catalina.jsp_classpath (I
	presume this must be a Tomcat 4.0 attribute, as I currently use Tomcat

	This explains why changing the classpath didn't fix the problem - it
	was ignored in the compiler call.

	The comment indicates that Javac (.java) must be redesigned for a long
	term solution. Short term - I changed line 78 in

	this.classpath = (String) context.getAttribute(SERVLET_CLASSPATH);


	this.classpath = System.getProperty("java.class.path");

	and the problem I had before went away.

	OK, now that I can use Cocoon2, can someone please explain to me in a
	bit more detail what the issues were with Javac (.java) ? And what
	would need to be done to it for a long term solution ?

	Cheers, thanks for your help. :-)


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