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From Uli Mayring <>
Subject Re: Aha! got it! 64k limit(was: new version of the sql logicsheetunderdevelopment)
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2000 20:06:44 GMT
On Sat, 2 Sep 2000, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> > And I suspect the clean-page model will not work anymore in cocoon2, so
> > everything needs to be converted over to the taglib-model.
> This assumption is correct, but at the same time, the taglib-model is
> nothing different from the clean-page model.

Ha! Says the inventor of both models! But I am not entirely convinced, see
my other mail to this list about this topic :)

> This is exactly the point: I understand you are working on this and you
> rely on the technology for your job, believe me there is nobody on this
> list that respect this more than I do... but do you want to continue
> with these hacks forever?

I don't have too many hacks, at least nothing that couldn't be ported
easily. But I wouldn't be surprised if the situation was different for
guys like Mark Wasberg, who have really, really, really busy sites.

> At the same time, we totally understand that C2 will be much different
> from C1 so we'll make the path the smoother possible. This doesn't mean
> there won't be bumps and back incompatibilities, there will be some, the
> architecture is too different, but we'll make sure to ease this as much
> as possible and we'll make C2 so irresistible that you'll feel ashamed
> by still having to use C1 :)

Sounds like a good plan to me :-)


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Softwareentwicklung

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