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From Benjamin Dixon <>
Subject Multiple Transformations
Date Sat, 23 Sep 2000 04:37:07 GMT

Hello again,

Probably another simple question but I couldn't find a solution in the
archives (which would be much nicer if searchable, BTW) so anyway, here
goes. I'm considering using Cocoon for a large-scale project that involves
query a database and possibly returning large sets of data. Currently I
have an XSP page that I have written to take care of getting the data out
of the database. The XSP page uses esql (which is REALLY nice) and then I
want to transform that data using XSL. When I was using just the sql
taglib, I had good performance and XSL worked fine. Now that I've switched
to esql, my pages load approximately 10 times slower and the stylesheet no
longer works. It says that "no data may occur before output" or some such.
So I have a number of questions:

1.) Is esql generally a lot slower than the regular sql? I understand
maybe there's an extra processing step, but 10 times slower?

2.) My goal is to separate content and logic as completely as possible so
that I can write the logic and provide a sort of taglib for others to
write up the formats. What other options would I have besides
XSP->esql->XSL? Would it be beneficial for me to use more logic and simply
skip the esql step? 

Sorry for the questions but I'm interested in the type of design patterns
people are using for projects.


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