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From Jeffrey_M_Gross...@Countrywide.Com
Subject Re: XSP debugging
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2000 23:20:08 GMT

The only way that I have found (under 1.7.4) to get the XSP to re-compile
in your case is to touch the XML file. This then forces Cocoon to
invalidate all the files associated with the process (XML-XSP-XSL to

>I find debugging XSP code to be a real pain.  Something somewhere on the
serverside is caching my code only when >I use XSP somewhere...the problem
is that when I make a change, it doesn't reflect that in my output.  I
could >completely rip out a huge chunk of XSP code, and nothing on the
output is affected.  What gives?  Restarting >Tomcat doesn't help, and I'm
beginning to wonder where this is getting put.
>I'm running Linux/Apache/Tomcat/IBM JDK and I'm doing XML -> XSP -> XSL
(XML points to a stylesheet with XSP in >it, which points to an XSL page
which formats everything).
>Michael A. Nachbaur (KE6WIA)
>"America does four things better than any other country in the world: rock
music, movies, software and high-speed >pizza delivery."  -- Neal

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