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From "Mike Klein" <>
Subject Multiple XSL/XSP passes...I need a workaround
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 21:38:14 GMT
I've been moderately successful in doing various things w/Cocoon,
sql/xsp/ldap, and everything's worked ok.

But now I'm trying something more complex, namely by using only a few files
(one .xml and a few .xsl) generate ui forms/lists from sql sources. All
dynamically of course, static case I can already do.

I'm using XSP in my source XML document (1st file), and need to use XSP in
the referenced XSL document (2nd file), but I'm hearing that this can't be

I need XSP in the second document because I need to reference the
HttpServletRequest structure, and I can't do that with just XSL commands in
the second XSL file can I? With embedded XSP I know how to do this.

I thought that as an alternative I could put  fields from the request object
into the result tree, and then merely pick them out in the second .xsl file.
This would be a workaround, no? I'll try it, but I'd like the simple ability
to check request parms directly from the stylesheet (w/o using XSP, since
this seems to be an issue).

Any advice would be appreciated.


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