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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: What now? (was: another SQL and XSP question)
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2000 22:36:58 GMT
Drasko Kokic wrote:
>I would like just to share with you the following:- no matter how much I am 
>thrilled with the technology being presented in this project - I get rather 
>lost (more hash word was deleted) when I need to get simple things 

I understand. I am dismayed with the state of the docs and am working hard 
to improve things.

>I have just downloaded the xml-cocoon.tar.gz from the link that Mac kindly 
>shared with us.
>After unpacking and replacing the "old" version (cocoon-1.7.4) I have start 
>my application to find out that every request get: Error: 404 Location:

Maybe you need to look in your servlet engine / web server log files, or 
configure error messages to return more helpful error messages.

>Pretending that I could solve some configuration problems (at least the 
>simplier one) I diped in the xml-cocoon directory. There I found the Readme 
>file (from Feb. 2000) with nothing more than the URL to the Cocoon homepage 
>and reference that docs are in the docs subdirectory. BUT THERE IS NO DOCS 

When you do build docs, docs appear in build/docs. Logical really.

The build structure is different to CVS structure. This is a common feature 
of many open source projects. Those that don't have two structures, such as 
Qt (the Qt tarball has no install IIRC), are considered quote "lame" 

Weird huh? ;)

Anyway I will update the readme if I remember.

>Okey, I thought I read something about generating it, BUT THERE IS NO 

Look at build.xml. I must put a pointer to that in the readme.

>Also, I would greatly apreciate some kind of Release Notes (I know this is 
>not a release, but at least something about what is being 

Will do. :)

>The reason I went for this endevour was the suggestion to pick up the ESQL 
>stuff. Now, I see that there is NO esql directory and definetly NO esql 
>documentation. I spotted the esql.xml example being accompanied with almost 
>a year old Readme file.
>Am I just spoiled or there is a space for improvment here?!

If it is lacking (and it is!), it is because not enough people volunteer. 

Criticism is good but try not to be too scathing - as Donald pointed out it 
is not our fault if we don't have enough time and very few people volunteer 
to help.

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