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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: XSP question
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2000 12:54:42 GMT
I-Chung Young <> wrote:
>	Based on what I understand, XSP is recompiled every time
>it is accessed? If there are simultaneous access to one page,
>is it possible for one output/XSP/class override another?

This should not happen, but it could happen if your client clock (that your 
text editor for editing XML files is on) is set to a time after your server 
clock, because XSP uses file modification dates to determine when files need 
to be recompiled. As the previous poster mentioned, XSP files should in 
principle only be recompiled when they are changed.

>	The question come from my colleague. He wrote a XSP page
>that spawn a thread for DB access, which might takes a while.
>The result of the query thread will be kept in session object.
>	The main thread check if the result is available in the
>session to determine whether to display the message "processing"
>and allow user to click a button to check again with the same URL
>or display the result.

It's not very clear what you mean here. Is there one button or two? Does the 
button just do a Reload, or something more?

>	If user click too earlier before the new thread is created,
>the new thread is never executed.

And you know this how? How do you know that it's not executing but 
deadlocked? Some JDBC drivers like that for InstantDB will deadlock very 

More details needed. It's hard to tell from what little info you've given 
whether this is a bug in his code or a bug in the Cocoon system.


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