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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Some questions about xml-cocoon_20000917161407 release
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2000 23:15:04 GMT
Er, technically snapshots are not releases. The former undergoes some level 
of testing; the latter may include not-well-tested changes.

Konstantin Agouros <> wrote:
>I just tried to get the dev-snapshot of 1.8 to run in order to use the get-
>xml-method. First I compiled the version from 10 of september which worked, 
>then I tried a simple xsp-sql-taglib example and all I got was a
>nullpointerexception at XSP.processor.process

You need to use the new supplied (whichever snapshot you 
use). The sql taglib has moved.

>Then I tried to compile the
>snapshot from the 17th of september and it complained that it didn't find
>com.sun....Doclet. Do I now need a 1.2JDK?

That's due to a little utility class that has been removed and given to 
another project, but due to a mistake it was not completely removed. Delete 
the src/org/apache/tools/doclet directory and build, and it should work this 

>Also: What is the turbine-stuff?

The code here is just for optional connection pooling.

>Do I need other database-drivers for this
>than jdbc?

No. There are XML docs for turbine pool in the xdocs directory 
(connection-pool.xml). Building HTML docs (in docs directory) should now 
work when you type build docs (and they're easier to read!), but only since 
tonight (so your snapshot probably won't build docs).

Make sure turbine-pool.jar can be found by your servlet engine, as specified 
in the installation docs.

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