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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: caching woes
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2000 20:41:40 GMT
Steve Conover <> wrote:
>I've got my entire development environment running on my machine here.  My
>problems are twofold:
>1) the servlets that my xsp files turn into get cached.  I have to delete
>them every time I want to test a change I make to my xsp or source files

This is becoming a FAQ, so I'm adding it to the FAQ for the next version. 
Here is the answer (1st paragraph is relevant to you):

<faq id="nocompile">
  <question>I keep changing my XSP pages to try and fix a bug, and it never 
   to recompile. What gives?</question>
   <p>This is usually due to bad clock synchronization. You need to ensure 
that the
   system clock on the machine with your text editor on it, has exactly the 
   date/time as the server, or failing that set it to a little bit faster. 
This is
   needed because the XSPProcessor uses file modification dates to determine
   whether a page needs to be recompiled.</p>

   <p>The other thing is external classes. If you modify a class outside an 
    page, and the XSP page refers to the class, you need to not only 
    the class, but also restart the servlet runner. This is a problem which 
    planned to be fixed soon.</p>

>2) after I click a few places in my app, my 2 xsl stylesheets (the ones 
>the chain from my xsp logicsheet) get cached.

Known bug. I think Donald fixed it in 1.8-dev, but I'm not sure. Could you 
download 1.8-dev from and find out for us? 

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