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From Henning von Bargen <>
Subject AW: Examples of Cocoon
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 06:42:57 GMT
> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von:	Marco Pauck []
> Gesendet am:	Freitag, 8. September 2000 18:15
> An:
> Betreff:	Re: Examples of Cocoon
> Pratik Machchar wrote:
> > 
> > Dear cocoon Users.
> > Where can I have more examples of cocoon. besides samples direcotry.
> From my own experience trying to dig into Cocoon, I agree that
> comprehensive and real-world examples are extremly helpful and
> considerably lower the learning barrier.
> The stuff in the samples directory is a starting point but many
> even basic aspects of XSP & Co. are left unexposed.
> Speaking for myself, I learned most things by closely following this
> mailinglist and studying the samples published by some of you (e.g.
> Uli Mayrings' authlib).
> Therefore, I suggest to collect each and every single line of code
> that might be helpful as an example or maybe even a real-world
> solution to an actual problem, building a public 'library'.
> There are several possiblities of where to put this stuff, e.g.
> 1. into the distribution under contrib
> 2. on the Cocoon web site
> 3. distibuted on the web with links from a central page on the
>    Cocoon site
> Each contribution should be classified either by application domain,
> technical aspects, etc. Such as classification will probably initially
> by very simple but evolve as the library grows.
> Personally, I would suggest to start with approach 3, as it is the
> one with the least maintenance effort. Approach 1 might be appropriate
> for some selected and more advanced samples that are also guaranteed
> (well, sort of ;-) to work with the corresponding distibution.
> Oh well, CPAN comes to my mind ... ;-)
> Making code available online will also simplify the answering of FAQs
> (e.g. Q: "How can I generate WML output?" A: "Have a look at ...").
> Any comments, especially from the maintainer(s) of the Cocoon web site?
> Any suggestions for links (who will be the first? ;-)
> 	Marco
> -- 
> Marco Pauck -- WMD GmbH Hamburg, Germany --
> e-mail:, phone: +49-40-58958-120, fax: +49-40-58958-199

I think that this is a _VERY_ good idea.
The more examples, the better.
But you have to cleanly separate them from the basic Cocoon distribution.
I would prefer a contrib directory that you can download separately.
The Cocoon distribution could contain an empty contrib directory containing
a ReadMe file with a link where to download the contributed samples.

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